About me

I am a PhD student at the CRUK Edinburgh Centre Drug Discovery Group.


My research focuses on analysing microscopy images to gain an understanding of drug mechanism-of-action. My work during my PhD has been applying these methods to profile phenotypic response between panels of cancer cell-lines in response to drug-like molecules.


From 2010 - 2014 I studied Pharmacology at the University of Bath. During this time I took year-long placement in the lab of Prof. David Sattelle using C. elegans as a platform for in vivo phenotypic screens in neurodegenerative disease models.

I am based in the Drug-Discovery group, supervised by Prof.Neil Carrager.


  • High-content image-based compound screens across panels of cancer cell-lines.
  • Data analysis methods to compare phenotypic response between distinct cell-lines.
  • Predicting mechanism of action of small molecules from cellular morphology.
  • Making open-source software tools to streamline drug-discovery workflows.